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4 March 2012

  • @diego_mn @corcuman @ModestoSTICC Diego, Jorge, Modesto, os mantendré informados de próximas conovocatorias. Gracias por vuestro interés! in reply to diego_mn #
  • Book: Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats (Joe Weiss), http://t.co/Es1PqB37 #
  • Carnaval en Gijón, tiempo de desconexión 🙂 Infosecman descansará mientras el alter ego disfruta tocando 😉 #
  • @proactivajandro gracias Jandro! 🙂 in reply to proactivajandro #
  • Heat is on! @mickeymccarter:McCain to introduce cybersecurity bill to empower NSA,military domestically rather than DHS http://t.co/TkrwFLez #
  • Hoy ponencia en el evento de la ingenieria Grupo TSK a las principales empresas industriales asturianas. Hoy juego en casa! 😉 #
  • Good initiative! @_joviann_: NIST teams with Maryland on $10 million cybersecurity center http://t.co/nH6QT4K5 | InfoSecurity #
  • @Cybercrime_IE: Video: Cyber Security the Biggest Risk to U.S. Power Supply?- Fox Business http://t.co/4qQmsVb0 #
  • Hablando sobre equipos de notificación acústica y de planes de emergencia, (inundaciones, tsunamis…) #EventoTSK #
  • Cyber Power Index: Measuring the drivers of cyber power across the G20 countries – http://t.co/jjNLNCDr #
  • @truckyforme mucha suerte Ricardo. Mantenemos el contacto!! in reply to truckyforme #
  • Example to follow @m00st:Napolitano & Dutch Minister Ivo Opstelten Sign Letter of Intent on Cybersecurity Cooperation: http://t.co/wTzIjH06 #
  • Is anybody planning to attend European Smart Grid Cyber Security event next 12th & 13th March in London? I'm thinking about it… #
  • Nuevas convocatorias del Curso de Ciberseguridad Industrial y Prot. Infr. Críticas!!: Junio en Asturias y Madrid, Octubre en Barcelona… #
  • Más detalles sobre los cursos en breve. Reservad plaza para no quedaros en lista de espera como ha ocurrido en el anterior. Os esperamos! #
  • @pcs_roadmap_nl: Can we guard against attacks? | http://t.co/0ksfLZlw | http://t.co/0ksfLZlw http://t.co/mCDkPj8D #PCS #
  • Only 15%?? 😛 @Cybercrime_IE: 15 Percent of Vendors, Utilities Not Testing for Grid Security : Greentech Media http://t.co/FS86kCfh #
  • @digitalbond Good luck and have a nice weeks of work and fun! in reply to digitalbond #
  • Leaving home in my way to Brussels. This working week starts on Sunday 😛 #
  • You're right! 😉 @MarlonMolina: @InfosecManBlog just as normal #
  • I strongly agree! @Cybercrime_IE: The FINANCIAL – Public-Private Partnerships Can Deliver Critical Infrastructure http://t.co/KrYVqkAk #
  • After a quick lunch, time for leaving Barcelona. See you in a couple of hours in Brussels… #
  • Musician, no doubt @reversemode:hey what would you doing for a living if you weren't inside the sec industry?have you ever thought about it? #
  • En Bruselas "casi incomunicado": mi Blackberry de TeleCable con problemas de roaming (!!) y mi habitación sin cobertura wifi. Ouch! #
  • @EFOJONC Gracias Enrique. Me espera una semana laaaargaaaaa… in reply to EFOJONC #
  • All this week in Brussels acting as Independent Security Evaluator for the European Commission. Some beer in the evenings? 😉 Let me a note! #
  • +1 RT @mmdelrio: RT @Dejan_Kosutic: ISMS Policy should be short – one or two pages #iso27001 +1 #
  • 🙂 RT @ReverseICS: RT @daveaitel: I see a new SCADAPack is available, with an 0day in something called GE Fanuc. Who runs that? #
  • 1st day ended. Excellent colleagues, good organization and rich discussions. Now, time for a walk in Brussels in order to "reset" my head 🙂 #
  • Congrats @mtoecker & @digitalbond !!! @NESCOtweet: NESCOBOT: Michael Toecker Joins Digital Bond #NESCOTweet http://t.co/6ZVUhfrb #
  • 🙂 @e_kaspersky: "Cyberwar is still more hype than hazard" http://t.co/bg3scRUT <- Oh yeah?10K Internet-connected SCADA systems don't count? #
  • @sambowne: The ICS incidents that killed people were listed by Joseph Weiss;in this 2010 article he mentions two deaths http://t.co/BWvD0C0z #
  • @sergiohernando Grande tu serie sobre Auditoría de CPDs Sergio! Enhorabuena! in reply to sergiohernando #
  • Interesting reading… @christiaancolen: #BSidesSF Why #SCADA security is such an uphill struggle http://t.co/2NF1mG35 #
  • @sergiohernando: Auditoría de CPDs. 1 Seg física http://t.co/WEDW9DsK. 2, lógica http://t.co/YEZc00NE. 3, energética http://t.co/Rzsq0FDN #
  • @aeiconocimiento: Reading: "Informe de Progreso sobre los Objetivos Marcados en la “Agenda Digital para Europa”"( http://t.co/QjQU5qzh ) #
  • Right! 🙁 @ntisec:Safety of our European SCADA infrastructure can no longer be guaranteed.People choose connectivity & comfort above safety! #
  • Oops 😛 @djbrown996:Dont put your daughter on the stage Mrs Worthington,or Get your ICS off the internet? @digitalbond http://t.co/Tnm1idAm #
  • Avanzando: Próximas convocatorias Curso Ciberseguridad Industrial & Prot. Infr. Críticas, 12 al 14 Junio en Gijón, 20 al 22 Junio en Madrid! #
  • Más detalles sobre nuestro Curso #CiberSegInd en breve. Id reservando fechas!! Probablemente "bequemos" a algunos estudiantes… 🙂 #
  • Go @reversemode Go!! RT @IOActive: IOA’s Ruben Santamarta discusses "Firmware Analysis of Industrial Devices" @ 1pm – Prez Suite St. Regis #
  • Worth and necessary reading! @usnistgov: NIST Releases Final #SmartGrid 'Framework 2.0' Document http://t.co/Me4TYiSW #
  • Now, time for some beers with my colleague and friend @ElyoenaiEM. Good to see you in Brussels! 😉 #
  • Interesting… @EFOJONC: Leading Cybersecurity Certification Groups Form Industry Collaborative via PRNewswire http://t.co/8SanujGm #
  • Suerte con la Jornada!! Os sigo desde Bruselas! 🙂 @ProactivaNET: Gran asistencia en la jornada @itsmfes en #gijon http://t.co/vXPYoJlL #
  • Go Paco! @ProactivaNET:Termina la jornada @itsmfes en #gijon con Francisco Menéndez de sigea y el proceso de auditoría! http://t.co/1RiVQMWY #
  • Tomorrow, last day of evaluations for me. Anyway, I won't can come back home until Saturday 😛 Excellent colleagues and Project Officers! #
  • I strongly agree! @Cybercrime_IE: Defense in Depth is Key to SCADA Security | Tofino Industrial Security Solution http://t.co/tXx0OKby #
  • What about us? (Spain). @christiaancolen: Turkey’s cyber defense plan to be ready in 2013 http://t.co/4BVTdVoo #
  • Really? I always wanted to be the word evangelist in my business card! 🙂 Congrats! @lostinsecurity: My new role: big data APT evangelist #
  • Probably… 🙁 @intellwar: FBI director: Cyber-threats will someday top terrorism as leading national security worry http://t.co/gppLkDxw #
  • Spanish people, take a loot at that…@sgsblog: High Impact Cyber Security Legislation Looming for Utilities http://t.co/W1Vmb3pV #
  • Electricity Subsector Cybersecurity Risk Management Process (Draft: for public comment until April 5th): http://t.co/rN5BisiJ #
  • Totalmente cierto! 🙂 RT @Davidmdf: el CISO de TR con ayuda de su compañero 🙂 Abrazos y seguir así. Hacéis una gran labor con esos cursos. #
  • Welcome Cisco to Industrial Arena?? 🙂 Industrial Security Trends & Best Practices (By Paul Didier of Cisco): http://t.co/VuUdCZUL #
  • @JCalmuntia lo sé, me refiero más al tema "conceptual", no tecnológico, que es la primera vez que les veo tratándolo 🙂 in reply to JCalmuntia #
  • Hehe… @anthony_barkley: Former CIA chief says the Stuxnet virus that hit Iran nuke program was a "good idea" http://t.co/2ONWWZcc #
  • Should "next generation SCADA" include cyber security capabilities? Why not include cyber security supervisory and control capabilities? #
  • My answer is yes: who will do the job better? Include "Industrial SIEM capabilities" in SCADA, dear vendors, and you will have lot of fun… #
  • No more "silos"/"islands". Why do you need 2, even 3 or more monitoring systems if you could get all on one? #ChallengingTheMarket 🙂 #
  • Should "next generation SCADA" include superv & control cybersecurity capabilities? @siemensindustry @HoneywellSec @ABB_Inc @invensysopsmgmt #
  • Hoy me levanto en Bruselas y me acostaré en las montañas de #Boal en #Asturias (España), pasando por Madrid para comer 😛 Que voyyy!! #
  • +1 Yo soy usuario desde hace aaaaños! 🙂 @EFOJONC: @javiercao mejor que Crypt2000 es de largo. Me gusta TrueCrypt #
  • Worth reading… @Cybercrime_IE: U.S. GAO – Cybersecurity: Challenges in Securing the Modernized Electricity Grid http://t.co/xt7Z8Ey9 #
  • Enjoy it! 😉 More to come for sure! @ReverseICS:p0wn3d another controller in another new and interesting way. That took longer than expected #
  • I'm not kidding. This is my "manually maked" boarding pass today 😛 "System down in Brussels" 😉 http://t.co/eNsaSQ7B #
  • On time for the sunset @ Boal, Asturias (Spain) http://t.co/MHMcWxel #
  • 🙂 @d1n: Stuxnet, the inside story. Fantasy, Magic Imagination and Microchips. 😉 Weird Science – http://t.co/VpPXYkpd #

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