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Resumen Semanal desde Twitter (2013-06-07)

8 June 2013

RT @digitalbond: NIST Info on 2nd Framework Workshop http://t.co/wcDPSC6Dsn < Patrick Coyle's thoughts on the process -> RT @CertSG: Great news: our free IRMs are now available in Spanish thanks to @neirafrancisco & @oea_oficial! #dfir http://t.co/3TRS50FSYP -> RT @redteamscada: 75 #SCADA related vulns sofar in 2013 on @OSVDB. http://t.co/y9DluGIoG5 If your RTU, PLC, or HMI […]

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Resumen Semanal desde Twitter (2013-05-31)

1 June 2013

More introductory information. Good work @eeportal_com! Three generations of SCADA system architectures http://t.co/vVmui8Obh4 -> RT @info_cci: Nuevo post en el blog del CCI Amenazas de las infraestructuras críti… http://t.co/TiXKoWX5Vi -> RT @HITBSecConf: #HITB2013AMS VIDEO D1T1 Hugo Teso – Aircraft Hacking: Practical Aero Series – http://t.co/vetQgHkO81 cc @hteso -> +1 @ranomikromo: "The pain you feel today […]

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