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Resumen Semanal desde Twitter (2012-01-22)

22 January 2012

  • Great! @pjcoyle: WinCC vs MS Security Patches – Siemens tests MS security patches for compatibility with their systems http://t.co/8bzsBdqu #
  • Interesting: different cultures and cybersecurity maturity and awareness levels in some industrial organizations. Lot of work to be done! 🙂 #
  • RT @markrussinovich: Hackers disrupt Israel's stock exchange, airline, banks: http://t.co/izpJbhcq via @msnbc #
  • 6 recommendations… RT @DarkOperator: The Ind. Ctrl. Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) Monthly Report http://t.co/cUAUcjj6 #
  • You should read it… @NESCOtweet: NESCOBOT: UK CPNI Critical Controls List #NESCOTweet http://t.co/FaJGJK6O #
  • Shift happens…@fedcyber: DHS cyber security operations see leadership changes http://t.co/gULIcp23 #cybersecurity #fedcybernewsblog #
  • First Barcelona, now Madrid. Busy but interesting week getting feedback about ICS Security from vendors, integrators, clients & colleagues #
  • Yesterday I've discovered an interesting change management & integrity tool for PLC and ICS configurations. Those kind of tools are needed! #
  • @a_zielstra: West Point Critical Infrastructure Symposium http://t.co/FbbcdR8U #
  • @tofinosecurity: Sean McBride at S4: less than ICS related vulns have patches, 60% of the patches fail. So much for patching #s4ics #
  • 😛 @digitalbond: Iconics in the lead with 29 vulns, Siemens closing fast with 28 – both only have security patches for half of the vulns #
  • @digitalbond Dale, will be the #s4ics presentations available? Congrats for the top quality event, as far as I can follow in twitter 😉 in reply to digitalbond #
  • I strongly agree @tofinosecurity: Langner at S4 #s4ics Stuxnet source code isn't needed- the Stuxnet concepts are good enough for attackers #
  • There is not ICS connected to Internet, never… :-P@d1n: Simatic S7 CPUs aren't connected to the Internet. http://t.co/Js2VceMi #s4ics #
  • Yes! @digitalbond:Project Basecamp at S4 http://t.co/iWef6DhZ post with devices,researchers,overview chart & links to press releases #s4ics #
  • Interested on ICS Security?? You should following #s4ics !!! #
  • @hdmoore:RT@jwunder:A bunch of PLC exploits are about to drop in Metasploit, meaning soon hacking SCADA systems can be push of a button easy #
  • it was never easier!@ReverseICS: RT @todb: #Metasploit updated — adventures in forensics, SCADA, and SSH http://t.co/F9AKNawy #s4ics #
  • La que se avecina después de lo publicado hoy en #s4ics del Project Basecamp es gorda. Veremos muchas noticias y ríos de tinta… #
  • Congrats for your excellent work in Project Basecamp Ruben @reversemode !!! Enjoy it! #s4ics #
  • No Comments #s4ics #ICS_Security http://t.co/1FkAZg3M #
  • Interesting reading… RT @lostinsecurity: A Tale of Two Clouds: Where Are You Using Your Standards? http://t.co/W31JJ7jE #ICS #smartgrid #
  • First news about S4 Project Basecamp: http://t.co/Qqo07Vzh #
  • +1 RT @nbrito: Congratulations to @reversemode for being part of the research team: http://t.co/Qqo07Vzh #
  • I've just nominated 2012 as the ICS/SCADA Cyber Security Year! 🙂 @ntisec @digitalbond @reversemode @d1n What do you think? #

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