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Resumen Semanal desde Twitter (2012-01-15)

15 January 2012

  • Aunque la semana pasada estuve trabajando, hoy comienza realmente el 2012 "productivo" para mí. A por él!!!! #
  • More to come this year for sure!!@_joviann_: Smart meter SSL screw-up exposes punters' TV habits http://t.co/weQ6cKrw #
  • Smart Grid should be presented as an opportunity to Research Develop & Implement the right measures, activities and recomm. on #ICS_Security #
  • SG Lot of challenges: New architectures, standards, policies, measures and controls #ICS_Security #
  • SG Lot of challenges: Interoperability of components and integration of legacy systems with new components #ICS_Security #
  • SG Lot of challenges: Portability of data across providers #ICS_Security #
  • SG Lot of challenges: Integrated cyber and physical risk assessment and management #ICS_Security #
  • SG Lot of challenges: Commitment of manufacturers and operators to Cyber Security #ICS_Security #
  • SG Lot of challenges: Incentives to deploy good security policies and standards #ICS_Security #
  • SG Lot of challenges: Information sharing on risks, vulnerabilities and threats #ICS_Security #
  • RT @lostinsecurity: Snort has just added two new preprocessors: DNP3 and ModBus #
  • Cyber Security maturity model is coming… @SCMagazine: Energy Department to analyze power grid cyber threats http://t.co/PjOaYzpq #
  • En Santander impulsando la Ciberseguridad en los Entornos Industriales… paso a paso se va haciendo el camino… #
  • Sectorial guidance needed in different areas… @a_zielstra: DHS to offer cybersecurity guidance to private sector http://t.co/hUx19nYS #
  • Congrats! PPP example… RT @Houslive: Onderweg naar opening @ncsc_nl. Belangrijke stap in uitvoering Nederlandse Cyber Security Strategie! #
  • "Improving Global Cyber-Governance". Very interesting debate coming next January 30th in Brussels: http://t.co/B6gPYR9n #
  • #job Honeywell offering Global Industry Security Leader – Critical Infrastructure Protection: http://t.co/51ky2fw4 #
  • Recordatorio: Próximos 14, 15 y 16 de Febrero, 1er Curso Ciberseguridad Entornos Industriales y Prot. Infr. Críticas: http://t.co/wv88H9Ts #
  • Os perdísteis la Jornada Técnica sobre Seguridad en Redes de Control de ISA en 2011? Podéis verla íntegra aquí: http://t.co/izHKs503 #
  • @NachoRedondo Un placer. Espero que te resulte interesante in reply to NachoRedondo #
  • More details about it, Chaos presentation included @SecurityWeek: Fun and Games Hacking German Smart Meters http://t.co/dHr2qjSM #
  • Huawei's @RedDragon1949: Statement on Establishing a Global Cyber Security Assurance System http://t.co/F0Hd1oan #
  • @RedDragon1949 my pleasure in reply to RedDragon1949 #
  • Excelente artículo de @sergiohernando "Auditoría de centros de procesamiento de datos. Parte 2: Seguridad lógica" – http://t.co/uPBHKRpI #
  • @_joviann_: Cyber defense effort is mixed, study finds http://t.co/9KPiYWgr #security #
  • We understand the benefits better than the risks @a_zielstra: World Economic Forum warns of 'dark side' of connectivity http://t.co/5BjMjwIe #
  • +1 @a_zielstra: General admits to holes in US security plans http://t.co/fcuuIBnD Governments cannot secure systems on their own #
  • Good luck!! Waiting for your comments and posts for those we can't attend 😛 @digitalbond: On the way to Miami Beach for #s4ics #
  • Arriving Barcelona for some interesting meetings regarding ICS Security next days #

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