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Resumen Semanal desde Twitter (2012-01-01)

1 January 2012

  • Preparando el 2012… el Excel, esa gran navaja suiza!! 😉 #
  • @reversemode: Mañana a las 10:30 estaré hablando en Catalunya Ràdio sobre la fragilidad, o no, de las infraestructuras críticas y los ICS #
  • Somebody has been playing… Not me! http://t.co/VE4vDrYg #
  • No time for twitter these days… 😛 #
  • NERC Recognizes Security of Unidirectional Communications: http://t.co/ChIuIJTJ #
  • Don't wait for the wake up call: bring in privacy & security by design in Ind. Ctrl. Systems, Networks, Services and Projects #ICS_Security #
  • ICS and ICT people shoud work and collaborate together in order to improve the overall approach to the problem #ICS_Security #
  • ICS and ICT people shoud collaborate together in order to create the adequate common protection culture in the organization #ICS_Security #
  • New book, have you already read it? Comments?: "Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems" http://t.co/3ouM6HHV #
  • @IZERTIS Enhorabuena!! in reply to IZERTIS #
  • Water and Energy converging, Major trends by 2020: http://t.co/J541bXNV – Key issue: Smart solutions MUST be always SECURE solutions #
  • y el marítimo, energético, y el de aguas…:-P RT @Securityartwork: Los 'hackers' podrían atacar el sistema ferroviario http://t.co/KiSVdCBt #
  • @j3juliano Thanks John! Hope to meet you in person this year 🙂 Happy new year! in reply to j3juliano #

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