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27 November 2011

  • Public Private Partnership is a key issue to be addressed in ICS Security development #ICS_Security #
  • Regarding PPP, excessive size, constraints and private interests are main disadvantages and risks of sharing initiatives #ICS_Security #
  • Small summary 🙂 RT @nigroeneveld: Hacking Illinois Water: Seven Questions and Six Answers http://t.co/fLsDh8rt #
  • There are few ICS Security events in Europe, almost no training opportunities. Lot of work to be done! #ICS_Security #
  • Lack of specific initiatives on ICS security: good initiatives in few Member States (as NL, UK), but others are years behind #ICS_Security #
  • Lack of a Common Reference in Europe: no widely known and developed European standards,guidelines or best practices developed #ICS_Security #
  • Companies interested on use these kind of standards, are using others from US, mainly #ICS_Security #
  • RT @ArtePresentar: Once cursos gratuitos de la Universidad de Stanford para 2012: http://t.co/yaUbDTg7 /de @sorayapa #medios sociales #
  • Cyber&Physical Convergence! @EricJacksch: Pentagon Confirms Military Action Is an Acceptable Response to Cyber-Attacks http://t.co/yFNourTX #
  • 😛 @sh2kerr: Hacking PLC post updated with Shodanhq search string http://t.co/ZrqFxpBr #zeronights #
  • The Rugged Software Manifesto: http://t.co/m0CRFkyd #
  • Worth Reading! "Vulnerability Analysis of Energy Delivery Control Systems", from the Idaho National Laboratory: http://t.co/YTFyrVT7 #
  • Very Interesting! Military Considerations in ICS Vulnerability Reporting (Lt. Col. Andrew Pennington): http://t.co/7Q614QEF #
  • Lack of an integrated management of ICS Security: companies are not addressing Security from a global and integrated approach #ICS_Security #
  • Lack of involvement and awareness of Top Management: common problem between the ICT and ICS security, specially in last one #ICS_Security #
  • @JuanDispal jejeje cómo me suena amigo, cómo me suena!! 😉 in reply to JuanDispal #
  • +1 🙂 @JuanDispal: Terminando el jueves. Otra jornada de labrador, sembrando, sembrando….el dia que recojamos va a ser la rebambaram… #
  • @eriesgo qué suerte y qué envidia Enrique!! 🙂 Disfrútalo! in reply to eriesgo #
  • +1 @securitypro2009: SCADA hack victims should share information, security experts say … http://t.co/NWaxggzG #
  • UK New Cybersecurity Strategy just published today. Very very interesting!!! Worth reading for the weekend! http://t.co/FDh7TvRV #
  • @EFOJONC Estoy deseando que nuestro país publique su Estrategia de Ciberseguridad y presupuesto correspondiente (UK: 760Millones €, 4 años) in reply to EFOJONC #
  • Interesting presentation. You should read it! RT @nigroeneveld: Latin American Cyber Threat Landscape and 2011 Trends http://t.co/djCOoxyP #
  • Law and Order 🙂 RT @mercemolist: mmm… había una serie creo que se llamaba law & no sé qué.. #
  • @mercemolist http://t.co/g60BTE9R 😉 in reply to mercemolist #
  • +1 RT @gallir: #FF a todos aquellos que comparten lo que desarrollan,lo que piensan y lo que aprenden. Sin gente así,este tweet no existiría #
  • Amortization periods of ICS investments are much bigger than in ICT #ICS_Security #
  • Security problems found today in Industrial Systems will be there 10 or 15 years later. Compensating controls will be needed #ICS_Security #
  • AFAIK there isn't any ICS CERT in any Member State in Europe. Such a organization and team is specially needed! #ICS_Security #
  • Gracias! More to come soon 🙂 Me falta tiempo!! 😉 @EFOJONC: @InfosecManBlog Muy interesante, sobre todo los "diodos de datos". Nice! #
  • Have a nice week! 😉 @a_zielstra: Komende week spreken in Londen, Milaan en Rome. #pps #cybersecurity #
  • I'm saying it since years ago @Cybercrime_IE: ICS are 10 Years Behind Enterprise IT on Security, Say Experts http://t.co/6yhpjANE #

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